Making Headlines

Due to its quality programming and innovative approach, Dallas Urban Debate has received local and national attention through a variety of outlets.

Feature Story: Dallas Urban Debater Joshua DeAnda (A Maceo New Tech High School) is in the news for his hard work over the summer to prepare for the tournament season:



Dallas Debaters earn recognition at Dallas Urban Debate’s Sixth Annual Gala.

Marsh Middle School makes its way to nationals 2015.


Dallas Urban Debate Students find national success at Urban Debate National Championship.


Dallas Urban Debate solidifies scholarship partnership with UT Austin.

DUDA wins prestigious Jack Lowe Sr. Award for Community Leadership.

Debate helps students go to college.



Debater Erick Alonso finds success at debate.


Students learn economics at the George Bush Presidential Center.



Debate provides students an opportunity to develop critical skills.



60 minutes illuminates the impact of debate.



School Zone story highlights Dallas Urban Debate.