Debate has helped me improve my speaking skills, particularly in getting my point across in a more effective way. Through debate I have increased confidence in myself and my arguments. The Bush Institute Tournament and meeting President Bush, also winning $500 in scholarships, will only further improve my confidence. Before the tournament I didn't think my partner and I would've gone undefeated, now I feel like we can go undefeated every time.

Ronald Coleman, student, University of North Texas

Being in debate and DUDA for the last three years has become an identifying part of my life. My friends, family, and teachers all know me for my involvement in debate, and quite simply that's because I really do love the whole concept of debating. I've always been very academic and bookish but also competitive; joining debate gave me the perfect opportunity to use those interests in an effective way. I also love a challenge and debate is all about challenging oneself to get better and always work towards improving. When I first started I could barely give a 1 minute impromptu speech, not to mention speaking to a crowd and now I really enjoy public speaking and am hoping to work in a field where I can continue to do just that. Debate has really helped me shape my interests and goals for the future, learning about current policy making along with finding my love of public speaking has really inspired me to want to have a career in government and politics.

Stephanie Jimenez, student, Texas Tech University