Tournaments (2017-2018)

The heart of Dallas Urban Debate’s programming is the debate tournaments held on weekends throughout the school year. Tournaments provide debaters an opportunity to put their advocacy, research, and critical thinking skills to the test by competing with teams from other DISD schools in an effort to convince a judge of their position. By practicing, winning or losing, reworking their position, adding new evidence or creating different arguments, debaters discover a paradigm for learning about any subject, however simple or complex. 

We host 3 kinds of events each semester: workshops, “regular season” tournaments, and “championship” tournaments. Workshops are designed to introduce new students to debate and experienced students to advanced debate concepts. We host 2 regular season tournaments each semester, allowing coaches to bring students of all commitment levels to an event. Our championship tournaments are longer and more rigorous affairs – and as such, are recommended for students who are most engaged.

Transportationto request a bus through the Student Activities Department of Dallas ISD (at no cost to your school), you must fill out a “Transportation Request Form” and email it to 21 days prior to the tournament. These forms can be found on the Student Activities forms page

Registrationto register your teams, visit the link associated with each tournament. For Dallas Urban Debate tournaments, you must register your teams at least 14 days in advance. If your teams are not registered by the deadline, Dallas Urban Debate will not take your teams. If you need help registering, contact our Programs Coordinator – Please note: Non-DUDA tournaments will have their own registration deadlines (often at least 4 weeks prior to the event). 

Schedules: you can find tentative schedules for upcoming events here. Final schedules will be provided to registered schools as each event nears.

Varsity Disclosure: as explained in the 2018-18 Rules & Regulations, HS Varsity teams MUST disclose their 1ACs a week prior to DUDA tournaments by emailing them to


DUDA High School

– Workshop 1 (September 23rd, Adamson HS)

– Tournament 1 (September 30th, Adamson HS)

– Tournament 2 (November 18th, Thomas Jefferson HS)

– Fall City Championships (December 1st-2nd, Thomas Jefferson HS)

– Workshop 2 (January 13th, Adamson HS)

– Tournament 3 (January 27th, Adamson HS)

– Varsity City Championships (March 3rd, Adamson HS)

– Novice/JV City Championships (April 7th, Bryan Adams HS)

DUDA Middle School

– Workshop 1 (October 7th at Jesuit College Prep)

– Tournament 1 (October 28th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Tournament 2 (November 11th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Fall City Championships (December 16th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Workshop 2 (January 20th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Tournament 3 (February 10th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Tournament 4 (April 14th, Zan Holmes MS)

– Tournament 5 (April 28th, HW Lang MS)

– Spring City Championships (May 12th, Zan Holmes MS)

Non-DUDA (Varsity Only)

Note: These tournaments are optional opportunities for experienced Varsity debaters to participate outside of Dallas Urban Debate events against schools from beyond Dallas ISD. Some of these tournaments must be qualified for during the school year.

– Texas Forensic Association State – Qualifiers Only 

– Urban Debate National Championships – Qualifiers Only (April 15-17 in Chicago)